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What you need to know to ensure your swimming pool and spa are compliant to keep your family home safe

Further from our adherence to regulatory compliance, Watershed Building ConsultanTs considers the happiness and safety of our families a top priority when making decisions.  Compliant safety barriers are designed to restrict access to the pool and / or spa to prevent accidents and drowning in the home. 

Pool and Spa Barrier Safety Requirements

Visit the Victorian Building Authority for the most accessible and comprehensive information when building your pool or spa barrier including:

– When barriers are required for pools

– When barriers are required for spas

– Indoor pools and spas

– Above-ground pools and spas

– In-ground pools and spas

– Find out when barriers are not required

Existing Pools and Spas

In 2020 the Australian Government introduced new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety where owners are required to follow the below process to guarantee the safety of their property every four years:

  1. Register the pool and / or spa with their local Council
  2. Engage a registered inspector to check that the barrier complies with the relevant pool safety standards
  3. Submit the pool barrier compliance certificate to Council

These laws and the process ensure that a home with a pool or spa may continue to be a safe and happy environment for family and friends to enjoy. Due to the importance of this safety aspect, fines apply to property owners that do not comply with the new laws.

Assess Your Pool or Spa Barriers Safety

The Victorian Building Authority has released three checklists to assess the safety of existing pool and spa barriers based on the year they were constructed.

– Pools and spas installed before 8 April 1991 – Download Checklist

– Pools and spas installed between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010 – Download Checklist

– Pools and spas installed from 1 May 2010 – Download Checklist

When to Contact Watershed About Your Pool or Spa Barrier

If Watershed inspected your pool or spa barrier when it was first installed, we are the most suitable party to confirm that the barrier has been maintained and is as safe as when we first inspected it.

Once you have registered your pool and/or spa with your Council, you will be advised as to the date it must reach compliance. To engage Watershed to inspect your pool and or spa barrier you must complete our ‘Pool Compliance Inspection Form’.

pool and spa safety resources

Master Pool Builders Association – Victorian Pool & Spa Fence Laws

SPASA Pool Safety Campaigns

Planning Vic Swimming Pool Safety Requirements

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