How to Apply for a Building Permit

Follow the steps below to assist you in a smooth and prompt building permit application

When to apply for a building permit

It can be overwhelming to know how to move forward in your construction project. From a new building or renovation project, such as a front fence, to a large project, such as a townhouse development our team are here to assist you safely along the way.

Before you start the building permit application process you should be aware that a small number of building works are exempt from needing a building permit. However, you will need a building permit for:

  • A new home and garage building permit
  • A swimming pool and/or safety barrier building permit
  • Extensions, alterations and additions to existing homes
  • Demolition building permit
  • Building relocation permit

Smaller projects that require a building permit and building inspections may include:

  • New fence building permit
  • Re-stumping / re-blocking building permit
  • Retaining and boundary wall building permits
  • Carports, garages and pergola building permits
  • Veranda building permit
  • Shed building permit

The Victorian Building Authority is an excellent resource for information on building permits, including information on becoming an Owner Builder.

Step-by-step building permit application process explained

At Watershed Building Consultants we are here to help you understand the process, apply for and obtain your building permit.

Step 1 – Send through your quote request including plans / working drawings, cost of works and a description of your project via our Request a Quote page.

Step 2 – Return your signed quotation to us along with your Application and Appointment Forms and supporting documentation available through the Download Our Forms section of the Watershed website

Step 3 – Our Administration Team will acknowledge your building permit application before your appointed Building Surveyor gets in touch to request any further supporting documentation that may have been missed in your building permit application.

Step 4 – Once all building permit supporting documentation are received by Watershed, we are ready to apply for your Building Permit Number via the VBA.

What happens after I apply for a building permit?

When we are ready to request your building permit number, our friendly team will email your invoice for payment, once payment is received it’s time to get your permit and get building! It will be your responsibility to make contact with Watershed when you are ready to book your first building inspection this can be done via our contact us page or via the below button.

Other things to consider when applying for a building permit.

Planning permits

Depending on the project you are about to undertake, a planning permit may be required. Planning permits are a form of development approval in the Victorian planning system. Details information planning permits are available via

zones and overlays

Your property may reside in particular zones or overlays. These zones and overlays can have an impact on your building permit. To obtain relevant spatial data, aerial imagery and information on which zones and overlays apply to your property, you can search your address in maps and spatial data as well as viewing the most recent map of zones and overlays.


Information on becoming an Owner Builder can be found at the Victorian Building Authority website. Your consent as an Owner Builder will form part of your building permit application for specific projects.

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